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Artist Statement

When you find your calling, you know that it is meant to be from the moment of that realization. It is a gut feeling that burns bright and sustains you in the darkest and coldest times. That calling for me is dance, and it is with this gift I posses that I continue to grow and flourish. It is my vessel to navigate the world and create understanding. It is what gives me the most joy and connection to myself and the divine which lies within all of us. The only problem now is figuring out the best ways to use my gift and talent to support myself not just spiritually, mentally, and physically, but also monetarily, while bringing positive change. 


But why does this matter? What can my love for dance contribute to the society at large? The specifics of these questions are still materializing, but I wish to enrich not only my life, but the lives of the many others who witness my meditation in motion, my life-force, my being synthesized into movement. For the past eight years, my deep studies in kathak have instilled in me seva, or selfless service to my community. One way this has manifested for me in the past is the art of teaching kids the joys of expression and unity of body, mind and spirit that dance can bring. Through my experience in the Bay Area’s Young Audiences K-12 dance programs, and my teaching assistance in the Chhandam School of Kathak’s classrooms, I have seen at first hand the importance of imparting wisdom to young hearts through teaching.


 Now that I have graduated SF State, I move on with the mission to take the relevant tools I have aquired and use them to create my brand as an artist, as well as create or be a part of works that speak to my community at large. I wish to continue to practice my skills in choreography, which enthralls me and frightens me because of the weight and importance a choreographer can have over their audience. The most memorable choreographers leave their audiences awed and inspired by their work’s exemplary movements, spatial arrangements, and/or political statement, and it is this power of inspiration that I wish to explore deeper. Will my dance lead me to join a dance company, or will I take the lessons I’ve learned from kathak,  SF State, and my life and create something new that is totally my own? I can only see so far down the path, but if I listen to the voices and teachings of my ancestors, I know I will reach my calling.

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