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At San Francisco State, my first choreographed piece premiered on the McKenna  Stage. This piece, titled Maya, was a culmination of the composition class series where you learn different ways to create movement (Comp 1); how to put your movement onto other dancers while dealing with spatial relationships (Comp 2); and finally choreographing and presenting a piece for the stage (Comp 3). This piece represents a milestone in my journey as a dancer and choreographer thus far.

Maya delves into the illusion of separation that we human beings place within our communities that manifest itself in class, race and cultural lines. We also separate ourselves from nature, placing ourselves above all creation, when really we are all apart of the same underlying reality. 

Maya 1
Maya 2
Maya 3
Maya 4
Maya 5
Maya 6
Maya 7
Maya 8
Maya 9
Maya 10
Maya 11
Maya 12
Maya 13
Maya 14
Maya 15
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